Information for my radio friends and other interested people

The OM

  • Callsign DB2CW
  • built (finished) 1969
  • licensed 2004
  • DARC member since 2014
  • QSL cards are welcome via the bureau or direct. I'm also using eQSL.

The Transceiver

Elecraft K2 with SSB module und antenna tuner (home built, kit S/N 7522). So far I've been active only in QRP (5W) in digimodes, mainly PSK31.

The antenna

Currently I don't have a stationary antenna as our current QTH is only temporary. In our past flat I used a very simple homebrewed wire dipole antenna with toroidal balun. The antenna wire was laid along the ridge beam about 9m above ground. Projecting wire was hanging down on each end.

Antennena arrangement
The antenna arrangement.

The Balun.

The Interface (for digimodes)

Homebrewed optocoupled audio interface with integrated USB-soundcard (German).